Industrial Equipment Paint Shops in Utah

Red Rock Collision Repair

Red Rock Collision Repair & Auto Painting offers fleet painting for all types of industrial equipment. Our paint lines in St George and Orem, Utah can match any industrial or factory color and we provide the best rates and packages for all industrial equipment. What's more, with our quick turnaround times, you can get your equipment working in no time.

We also house Utah County's most modern and state-of-the-art painting facility, including a 60ft down-draft truck booth. We provide the best auto, commercial, and industrial repairments to Southern and Central Utah.

Red Rock Collision Repair & Auto Painting has a team of highly skilled machinists, repairmen, and technicians in St George and Orem, Utah who can recondition and remanufacture a huge variety of equipment. We meet all the original manufacturer specifications to make sure your equipment or machinery is as good as new.


We are one of the very few industrial equipment services providers in Utah that offer sandblasting services. We use compressed air to sandblast the surface of your equipment and make it smooth and squeaky clean.

Full equipment painting

If your machinery or equipment has been around for a couple of years, it may need a new paint job. Chipped or damaged paint on equipment can make it look old, affect your brand's image, and leave it exposed to the environment. Our full-equipment painting facilities in St George and Orem, Utah offer a fresh new paint job to your equipment. The extra protective layer of coating at the end also extends its lifetime.

Rust protection

Our rust protection treatments in Utah allow your equipment to run for years by keeping the rust at bay. Over time, rust can grow on the compromised parts of the metal, making the metal flaky. This can seriously reduce the lifetime of your equipment. But don't worry, our rust protection treatments have got you covered.

Underbody shield

Red Rock Collision Repair & Auto Painting offers underbody shield installation for all kinds of vehicles. Our underbody shield allows you to add a protective layer underneath your vehicles and equipment to protect them against water, dirt, debris, mud, and rock. It is especially done to keep the engine safe. What's more, it also minimizes the noise coming from the road, acting as a perfect noise absorber.

Dent removal

Red Rock Collision Repair & Auto Painting also offers dent removal services that can fix dents and bumps caused by hits by objects. Even slight contact with an object can cause a scratch or bend in your machinery, damaging its paint and the surface. No matter where the dent is, we can rectify all of them in no time and make your car flawless again.

Decal services for businesses

Our decal services in St George and Orem, Utah include custom decals for equipment and machinery to create a perfect brand image for your business. We install and remove decals, logos, artwork, and designs. So if you are looking for specialty decals for your vehicles or equipment, we've got you covered.

Welding & fabrication

At Red Rock Collision Repair & Auto Painting, we specialize in fabrication and welding processes to craft and repair metal components for you. We can fabricate and weld aluminum, specialty alloys, carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, and other metals to craft custom and standard metal components for your machines.

Touch-up painting

Our industrial equipment service company also offers touch-up industrial equipment painting service to get rid of any paint damage from scruffs, chips, or scratches on your equipment. We use advanced spray painters to fix and touch up the paint on your machinery, and we make sure not to leave a mark behind.

So if you have machinery or equipment with chipped or damaged paint, make sure to get a paint touch-up from our industrial equipment painting service in St George and Orem, Utah to protect it from further damage.

Body repair

Our industrial equipment services also include body repairs to fix all the damages in your equipment's body. Machine and equipment breakdowns can put a serious halt in the production line of your company and cost you thousands of dollars.

With our quick and reliable industrial equipment services in St George and Orem, Utah, you can get your machines back to running in no time. We make sure to fix all the issues in your equipment so you don't have to suffer from any further losses.

Why choose us

At Red Rock Collision Repair & Auto Painting, we understand how equipment can be the cog in the machine for your business. Therefore, we make sure all your equipment breakdowns are resolved as soon as possible with our quick turnaround times.

Whether it's a paint job, repair for a broken part, dent removal, rust protection treatment, or sandblasting, our industrial equipment services are designed to keep your machinery and equipment running smoothly for as long as possible.

We have a combined experience of more than 30 years in repairing, painting, and maintaining industrial equipment. We also offer emergency equipment repair services in St George and Orem, Utah. No matter the type of equipment, our expert team can handle it without any problem.

So what are you waiting for? Eliminate all the downtimes and call our industrial equipment service company today for outstanding customer service, superior quality repair, and the fastest repair times. If you are looking for the best heavy equipment and industrial paint shop, head on over to Red Rock Collision Repair & Auto Painting today to get the best industrial body repair and paint services in St George and Orem, Utah.

"Awesome guys. Brought in the little nose fender to be painted to match my bike. Very quick turn around at a great price. Easy to work with and great quality of work!"
- Dallin Haws
"Couldn't be happier with the service and quality of repair we received at Red Rock Collision. DJ was great to work with! Same with Josh, the GM. They were able to get us in right away and take care of the damages quickly and professionally. I definitely recommend Red Rock Collision if you ever need any body work."
- Brian
"Red Rock Collision is awesome! They do everything for you to get your vehicle looking right! (Before and after photo attached)"
- Shawn Mattson
"We brought our Toyota Tacoma to three different shops for bids. We didn't want to use our insurance, so this was going to be an out-of-pocket fix. We were given a bid on the spot. It was the lowest of the three beds. The reviews for the shop gave us the confidence to go with this bid. They took the car in right away and had it done exactly as promised. Five stars for Red Rock. Truck looks new. Customer service was excellent."
- Linda Bennion
"Had some rear bumper damage due to a parking lot accident and these guys did an awesome job repairing and replacing everything that needed fixing. Also had them do some repaint and custom work on the front nose of my 4Runner and it came out perfect. I highly recommend this place."
- JR Illis
"I would give 4 1/2 stars only because I had to be proactive in calling for updates. Everyone has been very nice and the results on my car are great!"
- Jacob Cooper
"Awesome! They’re faster than other shops and more flexible too. Even when they had to deal with my insurance it was great and they had a good communication. I took my car there once and it was a self pay, and the treatment was the same. They’re great!"
- Daniel Figueiredo

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