Heavy Equipment Paint Shops in Utah

Red Rock Collision Repair

Red Rock Collision Repair & Auto Painting is one of the best heavy industrial equipment painting companies in St George and Orem, Utah. We offer heavy equipment painting on all equipment and machinery, including recreational vehicles and large semi-trucks.

Our industrial equipment painting company in St George and Orem, Utah is home to a full-sized 60ft by 20ft top-of-the-line down-draft truck booth, with room for most industrial equipment and semi-trucks. With our full line of industrial-grade primers and paint, you can expect the best results from us.

Our heavy equipment paint technicians are highly experienced in the preparation, disassembling, and painting of machinery and heavy-duty equipment. With the streamlined process at our heavy equipment paint shop, we are able to provide the best painting services with the fastest turnaround times in all of Utah.

We stand determined to establish and maintain future relationships with our customers by effectively supporting complete heavy equipment operations, providing consistent quality, offering the best deals in the industry, and practicing standard follow-up services.

Heavy equipment painting services

  • Industrial-grade paint (preferred for heavy machinery, heavy equipment, and fleet vehicles).
  • Industrial-grade strength designed for commercial use.
  • Immune to the elements.
  • Added UV defense.

Whether you have old machinery or new equipment, our painting services in St George and Orem, Utah can give your heavy-duty equipment a fresh new look or match it with your brand's colors. Getting your old machinery repainted can help you keep it safe from rust and also maintain its integrity.

  • Machinery
  • Trailers
  • Semi-trucks
  • Containers
  • Equipment
  • Excavators
  • Buses
  • Campers
  • And so much more

Guaranteed Services

You may be wondering what makes Red Rock Collision Repair & Auto Painting the best for heavy equipment painting when there are so many other options to choose from. Well, our guaranteed services come with better-than-factory results.

State-of-the-Art Facility

We have a world-class painting booth where we use the highest quality materials and the most advanced application techniques to get the desired results. What's more, our state-of-the-art painting facility is dust-free, making it safe for painting your equipment without any dirt.

Experienced Painters

What's more, we have a combined experience of 30 years which has earned us the trust of all our customers. We pay great attention to detail when it comes to paint preparation, instead of taking any shortcuts.

Guaranteed Increase in the Lifespan of Your Equipment

We make sure your equipment or machinery looks as good as new for years to come by putting in all the hard work and extra effort that are needed. We also make sure the paint remains safe from UV rays and environmental factors, by going the extra mile and using multiple coats.

Heavy equipment painting benefits

There are a lot of benefits to getting your heavy equipment repainted. In addition to getting a fresh new look, you also get a much-need protection for your assets.

Protection against dirt and grime

A new coat of paint on your heavy industrial equipment can protect it against dirt and grime. It reduces the need for repairs as a new coat of paint also makes it easier for you to clean the machinery.

Better resale value

When it comes to heavy machinery, you are always on the lookout for a newer and updated model that makes the processes more efficient for you. Therefore, you will need your current machinery to sell at an ideal price so you can get as much from it as possible.

A new heavy equipment paint job gives you just that. If your machinery does not suit your needs anymore, you can get it painted at our heavy equipment paint shops in St George and Orem, Utah and sell it at a better price.

Longer lifespan

In addition to adding to the overall aesthetic of the machinery, a new paint job also extends the lifespan of your heavy equipment and machinery. It comes with protective coatings that keep it safe from acid rain, moisture damage, corrosion, and extreme temperatures.

As a result, there is less wear and tear on the machinery. Therefore, you won't need to make stops for repairs anytime soon. A heavy-duty equipment paint job keeps it safe for the long term.

Better brand image

Creating a better brand image is one of the most important goals for any Utah company. Painting your heavy equipment with your brand colors and adding logos on it can prove to be an important aspect of boosting your brand recognition.

If you are looking for the best heavy equipment body paint shop, head on over to Red Rock Collision Repair & Auto Painting today to get the best industrial body repair and paint services in St George and Orem, Utah.

Our Process

Here's what a typical heavy-duty equipment paint job at our shop looks like:

Cleaning: In this step, we clean and even out the surface of your machinery or heavy-duty equipment to make it paint-ready. We also degrease the machinery to get rid of all the greasy residue from its parts.

Body preparation: We sandblast the surface of your machinery to get rid of rust and get a smooth surface to paint.

Paint application: In this step, we use high-quality industrial-grade paint with a low-pressure paint application to evenly coat your equipment. Multiple coats of paint are applied to achieve the desired results.

After-coat: In the last step, we apply a protective coating to keep your machinery looking glossy and protect it from the environment.

"Above and beyond satisfied with the professional workmanship and amazing customer service. Super fast, efficient, and friendly. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. So happy and so grateful my van is put back together 🤗"
- Kristi Cloward
"The team at Red Rock Collision was absolutely amazing to work with! Great customer service and kept me updated on my vehicle."
- Dawn Frieze
"We brought our Toyota Tacoma to three different shops for bids. We didn't want to use our insurance, so this was going to be an out-of-pocket fix. We were given a bid on the spot. It was the lowest of the three beds. The reviews for the shop gave us the confidence to go with this bid. They took the car in right away and had it done exactly as promised. Five stars for Red Rock. Truck looks new. Customer service was excellent."
- Linda Bennion
"I would give 4 1/2 stars only because I had to be proactive in calling for updates. Everyone has been very nice and the results on my car are great!"
- Jacob Cooper
"Awesome! They’re faster than other shops and more flexible too. Even when they had to deal with my insurance it was great and they had a good communication. I took my car there once and it was a self pay, and the treatment was the same. They’re great!"
- Daniel Figueiredo
"Great work. The Red Rock Collision Repair team pays close attention to detail. The staff seem well-informed. They make a coordinated effort to make sure everything is completed efficiently."
- Cade Garrett
"Red Rock did a great job handling my truck repairs and insurance claim after hitting a cow. DJ did an excellent job keeping me up to date and working with my adjusters. They handled everything from towing my truck to performing a final walk-around. Their repairs were timely and the truck looks fantastic!"
- Jacob Nye

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